104 Third Avenue

Emergency Wall Repair

In the East Village, an old five story tenement built in the 1920s found itself in a grave situation. Deteriorating and disfigured, the buildings elevation brick façade was in imminent danger of collapsing. Building ownership contracted FirstService Project Management to address this critical issue.

During phase one of the project, FirstService Project Management quickly set out to coordinate with the engineers to stage the job. The front façade was then demolished essentially slicing into the entire front of this building. We installed a brick veneer cavity wall supported by l-beams and columns after removing the 12 brick wall façade. After completing the steel components, a new Gypsum Wall Board and brick façade – with proper insulation – was installed to successfully stabilize the building long-term.

To minimize disruption and protect residents, we created a temporary wall to partition off affected units. New, larger windows and stone lintels were also installed, improving the over aesthetic look of the building and increasing property value.

After an expeditious four months of construction and without exceeding the buildings $400,000 budget, FirstService Project Management completed the emergency wall repair successfully, just in time for the holidays. Construction was done around the clock to repair the wall to avoid placing the project on hold during the colder months of January and February.