One Brooklyn Bridge

Local Law 11

Originally built as a warehouse in 1928, this 12-story luxury condominium features a number of different amenities ranging from a high end gym, cardio rooms, and a yoga studio to children’s playrooms, a music room, and a screening room for residents. In order to comply with Local Law 11 and address the unsafe façade condi-tions, FS Project Management (FSPM) was retained to oversee this large scale project and ensure that everything was completed in a timely manner.

A high level of coordination and communication with all involved parties was necessary to minimize intrusions in the residents’ lives. FSPM worked to set up appropriate enclosures for the balconies and sun decks so that residents would be able to enjoy these spaces for as long and as much as possible, without negatively impacting the progress of the project and causing delays. Once the Engineer and Contractor’s detailed reports were finalized, the repair quantities that were originally contracted were confirmed through a close examination of the actual quantities in place. This was necessary to accurately determine the exact items and areas in need of various repairs. The Project Manager was heavily involved throughout this process in order to pro-vide the building with the best possible options and course of action. Through the successful negotiation of contract terms for the appropriate allowance items, the building was able to conclude the project approximately $200,000 under budget.