100 UN Plaza

Lobby Renovation

This luxury tower built in 1986 features 51 stories containing 267 apartments plus 22 penthouses featuring spacious terraces that shape its pyramid top. The lobby entrance, which faces the formal gardens and flags of the United Nations, is a porte-cochere adjacent to a multi-level 11,4000 sqft garden and plaza of water features and lush landscaping. Residents enter via an elegant, richly designed lobby constructed of fabric, marble, bronze and wood materials.

The new lobby features custom lighting fixtures designed to resemble artwork and add to the luxurious aesthetic of building known as the “sculptural towers” of the neighborhood. Additionally, the lightening improves energy efficiency by incorporating a Lutron system that automatically adjusts lighting levels for morning, evening, and overnight.

A unique method was utilized to address the inconsistent border tiles, entailing dark terrazzo bordering to contrast light porcelain tiles. We added brass trim between the tiles and terrazzo to mimic the brass elements throughout the space and further elevate the design of the new lobby.