Schaefer Landing North

Lobby Renovation

Located in the trendy neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the newly built north building is 26 stories and boasts 135 unique, spacious units with breathtaking river and city views. The lobby revitalization has been exceptionally designed with distinctive accents that create a modern and serene ambience.

Schaefer Landing previously lacked a package room, a lobby amenity in high demand due to a steady increase in package delivery since the online shopping boom began years ago. Both hot and cold storage are essential for avoiding clutter in the lobby, keeping packages temperature controlled, and to ensure packages are tracked and delivered to the correct residents.

Additionally, the lobby desperately needed a refresh to combat outdated furnishings and an imperfect layout. The lobby was redesigned to make room for a space for visitors to lounge and place the concierge desk closer to the new package room. Lighting fixtures we installed to brighten the space and create a new modern ambiance.

Evidence indicated that renovations were necessary to rectify aesthetic and functional needs of the building and its residents.